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R683,000 raised at our 3rd Annual Rhino Trust Gala Banquet

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Our 3rd Annual Rhino Trust Gala Banquet was held at The Theater on Track in Midrand this past Saturday evening, October 17, 2015.

The evening started off with our decision to screen the 2015 Rugby World Cup Quarter Final between South Africa and Wales which more than 200 of the 400 guests attended.

Rugby World Cup 2015

After the nail biting match everyone made their way into the venue’s foyer which had been set up as an art gallery, many of the pieces on display were to be auctioned on the evening which allowed everyone to get a close up view of the pieces.

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Although a good time was had by all (see photo gallery) no one lost sight of our objective on the evening and that is to pool our resources in order to collect funds for projects on the ground that are involved in protecting our rhino. As we have said before this is a complex problem involving initiatives in China and Vietnam, initiatives involving the capture of sophisticated crime syndicates, initiatives involving the treating of animals that have been poached and caring for orphaned young. But while we are finding a way to end this crisis we also have to protect what we have at all costs. It’s a complex problem which requires all our collective will to solve. We believe we will do just that.

We collected R683,000 on the night and now have the task of distributing these funds in a manner that really makes a difference on the ground. We look forward to taking you on the journey as these funds are spent over the next year, so you can see exactly how your kind contributions are being used.

Thank you to our wonderful sponsors & guests for your special contribution!

Thank you to our Sponsors and Suppliers

Thank you to our Guests 2

Thank you to our Guests 1

Thank You Artists