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SysFinPro makes a significant impact with their Rhino Drive

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We are so excited to share one of The Success Academy tenants’ inspiring story with you. SysFinPro, a professional services firm, decided to no longer sit on the sidelines but rather take action to make a meaningful impact with their Rhino Drive. Their story is proof of how we can have an impact on our environment, by simply making a decision to get involved in a worthy cause, and then rallying our circle of influence to join us. Thank you Martin van Blerk and team for your generous contribution, you inspire us to do more!

The SysFinPro (Pty) Ltd Rhino Drive:
As a company and individuals, they are extremely passionate about Mother Nature and the conservation thereof for the future generations. During the second half of 2015 they realised they need to become involved in the fight against Rhino poaching. As part of their company’s Social Responsibility, they wanted to get involved with various Anti-Rhino Poaching initiatives. SysFinPro (Pty) Ltd together with their employees, their customer and suppliers wanted to make sure that the rhinos will still be here for future generations.

Their approach:
They approached some suppliers such as Africa’s Legends and Pawini Solutions to assist them in making this possible. They were able to obtain a cute and cuddly soft toy Rhino, a very colorful Rhino keyring (and fridge magnet combo) and an elegant metal rhino keyring at reduced prices to allow them to sell these to family, friends, colleagues, customers and suppliers. Having the buy-in from the suppliers on the reduced prices allowed them to sell a lot more and therefore maximise the amount of money they could donate. SysFinPro sponsored their time, design work, packing and delivery of all the items sold.

Creating Awareness:

No campaign will be successful without the necessary awareness so they made sure they used all their social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to create some awareness around our campaign and also by promoting some Rhino facts.

This was also aided with the sponsorship of breathtaking Rhino photographs from Dean Polley photography and image design from Celeste Polley at Jumping Fox.


End Result:
With this approach being driven for a few moths by the dedicated team at SysFinPro they have sold hundreds of perspex & steel keyrings and almost 200 soft toy Rhinos. All proceeds were donated to us at the TSA Rhino Trust where we utilised the funds as part of a project for SANParks Honorary Rangers.

They also had some amazing support from Sage Enterprise who purchased a 100 metal keyrings and Brits Autobody who purchased an astounding 400 perspex keyrings to pass on to their customers.

They look forward to supporting TSA Rhino Trust again this year by attending our 4th Annual Gala Banquet. It was at this event last year that they were the highest bidders at the auction, taking home the event’s signature art piece, an African beaded Rhino, now proudly their company mascot. The artist who created this extraordinary beaded Rhino is Simon Takaruza and they thought that there is no better way to honour him than by naming their mascot, Takaruza.